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Welcome to our RWS 200 Class Wiki

Key information will be posted here - homework, readings, links, etc. I'll also post announcements and updates, so check this 
page regularly. This web site, a wiki, will also let us share material and coordinate our group work.


You can't break anything, and everything you do can be rolled back if there's a problem.  So feel free to write and contribute to
this site. If you have any questions, e-mail me: scottmbruner@gmail.com.


Class Announcements 



Contact Info & Blogs

Instructor Info

Student Info
Student Blogs


Final Conference Doodle

Note: All conferences will take place in the
FIT Center 


Course Materials


Online Course Texts

Course Materials for Units 1 & 2 

Unit 3 Prompt

Unit 4 Prompt

Reading and Homework Schedule


Digital Literacy

Writing Resources 
Research & Writing Tools

Rhetorical Thunderdome

Rhetorical Strategies List

Mode of Persuasion Chart


SDSU WPA Preparation Page


1/26/17 PP Slides: Rhetorical Equation

2/21/17 PP Slides: Intro to Demagoguery



8 a.m.

9:30 a.m.



How to change email notifications

Guide to the Wiki




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